Helpful Event Information and Tips from Illuminate Event Services.

Upgrading your Table Linens

Photographer: Sarah Mack Photo Among all the decisions to make during wedding or event planning, tables linens is one that you may not have even though about. Chances are, you will find yourself stuck with the basic white, ivory, or black house linens provided by your...

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Light the Way: The Importance of Event Lighting

Photographer: Lin & Jirsa Everyone loves a good before and after photo, and never is that truer than when the lights go on. Not only does lighting perform an important practical function in allowing your guests to see where they are going, it also provides an...

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Guided by the Light: The Perfect Lighting for Your Event

Photographer - Kelly Waterman Photography Lighting is a key aspect to any event and is one of the first things guests will notice when they arrive. Not only does it set the mood, lighting also highlights your space in the perfect way. Check out these different types...

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