It’s officially spooky season, so you know what that means? There’s bound to be a Halloween party or two right around the corner. The month is only just beginning which means there’s still plenty of time to plan your own Spooktacular Party! From putting together a costume contest to having holiday-themed decorations and drinks, the Illuminate team is here to help you get into the frighteningly fun holiday spirit of Halloween!

What’s Halloween without having a costume to show off?

Halloween is known as THE DAY out of the year to let loose and throw on a mask and brightly-colored party suit for a night of fun, laughter, and hauntings! What better way to get your guests in the Halloween spirit than by organizing a costume party with prizes? Offering prizes for the costume is the perfect way to get your guests to show out by bringing their costume A-game.

Scary times call for spooky vibes.

It’s Halloween, so that means bats, spiderwebs, fog machines, and jack-o-lanterns aplenty. Depending on how spoooooky you want to set the mood, you can opt for more realistic Halloween decorations or go for a full horror B-movie aesthetic with over-the-top yet comical props.  

When the lights go out…

Once the sun has set and the ghouls come out at night, we recommend setting up mood lighting to help strengthen the ambiance. From black lights to LEDs, you can custom fit lighting to accent specific areas of your party location. Use lights around the drink table to make it easier for guests to see or line them around your speakers to amplify the tunes throughout the night. 

The Devil’s in the details.

Of course, when you think of Halloween decorations, you may think of prop skeletons or pumpkins scattered about. However, one area that can be overlooked is the basic necessities. Decor materials such as linen can really tie together the room. It’s Halloween, after all. You don’t want to be caught last minute using Easter-themed table coverings. We offer custom linens with hundreds of materials to tailor uniquely for your event. 

Halloween is always a great time to put together a party for friends and family. If you’ve been thinking about putting together one of your own, contact our team to see how we make the best of your spooktacular party!