How can you make your event stand out from the rest? You might be surprised at how something as simple as lighting can set the mood and give your guests an experience they will never forget. There are many different lights on the market, so knowing which one is best can be challenging. Here are some tips to help you choose the right lighting for your next event.



Add some flair to your event with LED uplighting! While uplights may appear to be a common choice, don’t be quick to ignore them! They might influence the arrangement of your event, as well as its appearance and feel. Uplighting placed along the length of walls gives the illusion of more extraordinary ceilings and wider rooms by creating light columns. If you choose LED uplights, you can incorporate different colors, which will add depth to any space. 


LED String Lights

From weddings to corporate events, LED string lights can enhance your event like never before! While most people tend to think about your standard white backyard string lighting, new LED lights allow for colors and effects! Want to go with classic white or implement brand colors? These options are all available with LED string light sets. These lights can customize your event 

like never before while also keeping a traditional look. 


Centerpiece Lighting

While centerpiece lighting can seem low-tech, it can be the highlight of each table! Many centerpiece lighting features involve nothing more than battery-powered lighting or even a simple candle. Still, they can make a grand impression when positioned beneath centerpieces, flowers, buffet displays, and photos. Centerpiece lighting gives warmth and color to any celebration while creating a more intimate feel for each table or area.


PAR Light

When you think of concerts and other grand events, think about PAR lights! PAR lights output a lot of light, are durable, and omit a warm wash of light. Newer PAR lights have evolved to be more compact because they use LEDs to make them brighter and easier to travel with. They also allow for a plethora of color mixing options. 



While gobos are not light fixtures, they are an excellent tool for lighting effects. Gobos are a small stenciled disc made out of various materials that can be placed within a particular lighting fixture to project patterns on stage backdrops, walls, and floors. This is an inexpensive way to project an image or company logo at your next event. Gobos can also be installed in moving lighting to project a moving pattern or logo across the room!


Lighting affects every aspect of an event or party. It helps set a mood and atmosphere, as well as enhances décor and makes guests feel more comfortable in a space. Lighting needs vary from person to person, depending on what they want to get out of their lighting experience at an event or party. Have questions about lighting for your next event? Contact us today!