One of your greatest memories from your wedding will likely be dancing the night away with all your family and friends. A packed dance floor is a sign of an amazing party that guests will remember forever. Here are our top tricks to keep the wedding dance floor packed at your reception!


Be a Good Example

The bride and groom are the stars of the night, and people pay attention to where they are and what they are doing. If you want people up and dancing, set a good example and get out on the dance floor. If you must step away for pictures or mingling, enlist your bridal party to keep the dance floor up and poppin’. 


Take a Group Photo on the Dance Floor

If you’re worried that your guests may need some encouragement to get on the dance floor, have your emcee ask everyone to take a group photo. After the photo, have your DJ play a song that will break the ice and get people dancing.


Keep Slow Songs to a Minimum 

Slow songs are great during cocktail hour or dinner time, but keep them to a limit during dancing time. Faster, dancing songs are the best way to keep everyone on the dance floor having a great time. 


Go With the Flow

Breaks in dancing can ruin the dancing momentum. Make sure all speeches, slideshows, and any other traditions like cake cutting are all finished before the dancing even begins. If you really want to get the dance floor going, be flexible and go with the flow.