Setting the ambiance is a key factor when it comes to pulling off any successful event or party. Whether it’s for a wedding, special birthday party, or a cultural tradition, the theme and decor you choose for your party can make all the difference in getting the mood just right. Illuminate Event Services has you covered with our tailored event services to ensure your event is an unforgettable night. 

One of our main party planning services is offering rentals for custom linen or drapery made specifically for you and your event. We understand the importance of having your event stand out from all the rest, so whatever the theme for the night is, our team will work with you to nail the look you’re going for. 

Linens and drapery are perfect for decorating tables, event space walls or windows, stages, or whatever else you have in mind! Our inventory comes in all shapes and sizes with a selection of over a hundred options when it comes to lush colors and beautiful fabrics/textures. 

Fabrics We Currently Offer:

You can view a selection of our offered colors and textures here! If there’s something in particular that you’re looking for and don’t see it on our website, contact our team for a full list of our inventory. Your night deserves to be special, and we’re more than happy to help make that happen.