When considering your wedding reception, your selection of tables and chairs plays an essential role in setting the foundation for the look and feel of your big event. Before you commit one type of table over another, here are three key considerations to make. 

Guest comfort

When it comes to banquet table seating, you want to make sure guests can easily get in and out of their seats. This is especially important when it comes to children, elderly guests, or any guests who may have mobility issues. Being able to move about with ease can help make their experience that much better. 


Seating can make or break how your guests interact. For example, round tables are typically more conducive to face-to-face interactions with one another and even allow for more private conversations with those who are immediately nearby. Square and half-moon tables can bode well for receptions that feature more speeches. Rectangular banquet tables are versatile and offer plenty of room for guests’ food and beverages. 

Space and sightlines

Of course, your selection of tables and chairs impacts how much space there is to move around the venue as well as the flow of movement. You’ll want to consider what may optimize or hinder traffic. After all, guests will be up and about dancing, mingling, getting drinks, taking photos, and more. It’s vital to consider what pinch points may be created with certain types of tables.

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