Most people don’t realize just how important a wedding DJ is. You may think that the money can go elsewhere and your uncle Jack can make a playlist, but choosing the right DJ can make or break your wedding. Here are 3 questions to ask a DJ during the selection process to ensure you select the right DJ for you. 

  • What’s your experience? 

Ask questions about their experience, performance style, and how long they have been in the business. Questions like “Do you have nightclub experience” or “What’s your mixing style” can help you visualize what kind of event you will have. Make sure your DJ candidates are seasoned pros so there are no hiccups on your big day.

  • What’s your rate and what does it include? 

It’s important to book a DJ that fits your budget. Ask questions like, “does the rate change based on the day and time of my wedding?” If the rate is in your budget, perfect. If not, consider increasing your budget to get the perfect DJ for you. Also, note if your DJ will bring all equipment needed, if the rate includes set-up and breakdown between ceremony and reception locations, and if there are other fees to keep in mind, such as travel or food expenses. 

  • Can we watch you perform before the wedding date?

Ask your DJ if they have any events open to the public so you can see them in action. This is a great way to get a feel of how your wedding will be and if it is the right DJ for you. If this is not an option, ask for a video reel as a substitute. 

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