When planning any type of event, rentals are a huge part of tying a space together and creating a complete look for your venue. It can be tricky to determine what you’ll need for your space, especially with so many choices, so today we’d like to highlight our top three most popular rentals. The items on this list are some of our favorite pieces that are not only a reflection of our clients and their taste but of trends in the event and wedding industries as well. These top three items are staples of any wedding or event and are perfect for customizing your space.

Photographer: Andy SeoPhotographer: Andy Seo

1. Draping – Drapes are one of the biggest ways to dress up your space and transform your venue. Regardless of your fabric or color palette, drapes are the perfect way to enhance the natural beauty of a space or even hide any blemishes your venue may have. Drapes can be used in so many creative ways, such as highlighting focal points, adding dimension, or setting a classic background for your wedding. We love transforming a venue by using draping techniques that brighten up the space and add elegance at the same time.

Photographer: Katie Beverly Photo
Photographer: Katie Beverly Photo

2. Chiavari Chairs – These chairs are a favorite of our clients, and for good reason! We have so many choices of different colors and materials, including metallics, wood, and acrylic. Great for receptions, ceremonies, or parties, Chiavari Chairs compliment any type of decor and keep your guests comfortable.

Photographer: Amy T PhotoPhotographer: Amy T Photo

3. White Seamless Dance Floor – Dance floors are one of our specialties and such an underrated item. Not all venues provide their own dance floors, so this rental piece is important in establishing designated space for dancing. While our seamless white dance floor is by far our most popular, we have many color choices, including black and mirror. Our dance floors are also customizable to ensure the perfect size or shape for your venue, whether you’re looking to cover an entire ballroom floor or spotlight a smaller floor.

Whether you’re looking to combine these top three rentals for the ultimate package or use them individually to highlight an aspect of your venue, you can’t go wrong with draping, Chiavari chairs, and a white seamless dance floor. With so many customizable options for each of these items, you are sure to find the perfect color and material for your event or wedding