Photographer: Erin Hughes Photography

Photographer: Erin Hughes Photography

Bistro lighting is most often used to adorn outdoor patios, but did you know that these gorgeous lights are great for weddings and events as well? Bistro lights are a type of string light characterized by large, circular bulbs that provide a charming and romantic atmosphere which couldn’t be a better fit for any wedding, held indoors or outdoors.

Providing a unique style and aesthetic of their very own, bistro lights are incredibly versatile. Especially when used indoors, bistro lighting is great for brightening up your space and can even be dressed up by adding draping, canopies, florals, or any type of decor. If you have lounge seating at your reception, bistro lights create an instant vignette by framing your furniture and creating the ultimate place for guests to relax.

When used outdoors, bistro lighting can establish a sense of structure to an open area and create the perfect setting for a night under the stars. There are many ways to hang your bistro lights, including straight across, crisscross, tent, or maypole patterns – the possibilities are endless! You also have the option to use just a few strands of bistro lights for a subtle elegance or go all out and glamorous with a multitude of lights.

We love using lighting to highlight focal points at weddings and bistro lights are one of our favorite ways to do this. For a whimsical, romantic aesthetic, light up your sweetheart table, dessert station, or even welcome signs with bistro lights. They are also great for drawing attention to key elements of your venue, such as vaulted ceilings, archways, fireplaces, and pools. 

Whether you are hosting an indoor or outdoor wedding, bistro lights add a touch of classic elegance to your event and provide you with so many decor options. Excited about incorporating bistro lights into your wedding or event? Our lighting pros at Illuminate Events would love to help you brainstorm ways to brighten up your event!