Photographer: Sarah Mack Photo

Photographer: Sarah Mack Photo

Among all the decisions to make during wedding or event planning, tables linens is one that you may not have even though about. Chances are, you will find yourself stuck with the basic white, ivory, or black house linens provided by your venue without even realizing there are so many more possibilities out there. Not to mention, the linens traditionally provided by venues and included in your package usually are not floor length and you won’t even realize until your event begins. But don’t worry, we have you (and your tables) covered! Upgrading your linens is an easy and beautiful decision that our pros at Illuminate Events can help you make. We will ensure you choose the perfect table linens to compliment your decor and make your wedding colors pop.

There are so many reasons to upgrade your linens from the basic tablecloths your venue provides, starting with color. As mentioned above, the color choices of house linens are so limited that it is easy to become bored with the basics. Even if you are looking for something in a more neutral color, upgrading to a higher quality linen can really make a difference in your table settings. With a whole palette of colors to choose from, you can incorporate your wedding colors in ways you never thought of before. Using colors in places such as your sweetheart table, dessert table, and guest book, draws the eye toward important places and reminds your guests of the presence of these spots as well as adding a pop of color to the room.

Most importantly, upgrading your linens allows for so many more fabric choices! Each type of fabric makes a statement and depending on your decor, you can compliment these choices with fabrics or even draw attention in ways you may not have thought of before. For a glamorous event, consider velvet, satin, or even sequins to add flash and shine to your tables and compliment dramatic florals or glimmering centerpieces. Looking for something a little more low key? A simple polyvore linen (handmade in-house at Illuminate!) will class up your tables while keeping the texture smooth and subtle. We even have lace and rosette linens for an old-school elegance and class (in a variety of colors, of course).

Not sure about adding color and texture to your tables with a full on specialty linen choice? If you want to add a little pop without being overwhelming, consider choosing colorful napkins to highlight your wedding colors and make your escort cards stand out against your table settings. Adding a colorful napkin is a great way to meet in the middle and play with fabrics and color pairing in a fun way. 

The choices for wedding and event linens really are endless and our pros are always excited to talk design. We would love to hear from you regarding upgrading your linens and any ideas you have about incorporating color and textures into your wedding or event decor.